Asphalt Bangun Sarana

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. As valuable asset, the quality of the employees also needs to be improved along with the development and rapidly increasing business competition. In order to improve the quality of employees, training is necessary.

PT. Asphalt Bangun Sarana and PT. Saranaraya Reka Cipta always proactively include employees in a variety of training in order to improve knowledge and performances of the employees. Here are some of the trainings that have been conducted during the previous year.

Fire drills

ABS periodically conducts Fire Drills at its various locations. The program is attended by all employees working at the location. The drills which are led directly by the Depot Coordinator as internal trainer aim at identifying how fires can be started as well as the various type of fire together with basic knowledge on how to using fire extinguisher in a efficient manner. The training used two different methods:

  • Lessons presentation through class meeting
  • Practice to extinguish fires

The use of these methods has proven to be successful because both trainer and trainee are active during training. Through this training all employees are expected to not over panic when emergency situation occurs.

Defensive Driving

The company conducts as well Defensive Driving Training for every driver in in the company. Training is conducted by the National Transportation Department. The two days training is aims at increasing driver level of discipline and driving skill:

  • During the first day they are given lecture which contains driving attitude/behavior and skills
  • During the second day they proceed to full vehicle inspection and safety driving practice.

This training is one way to improve the work quality of the worker at PT. Asphalt Bangun Sarana.

Outbound Activities

The company conducts on a yearly basis an outbound program usually based on a theme such as “Unbreakable Synergy” and aims to improve the synergy between relatives/ co-workers in Colas Company Group in Indonesia, inculcate the spirit of leadership, decision-making skills, job achievement and increase knowledge in order to prevent/ reduce accidents in the workplace.

  • spirit of outbound participant in sunny morning
  • lining up before the activity starts

  • Team cohesion training with the “Cork Throwing” game

  • Building the Highest Tower

  • Balance Control

  • Circulate the water in the shelter, do not to spill it!