Asphalt Bangun Sarana

Corporate Social Responsibility

Green’ CSR in Aceh, Indonesia

PT. Asphalt Bangun Sarana (ABS), together with its subsidiary, PT Saranaraya Reka Cipta (SRC), have conducted a ‘Green’ CSR program in Aceh (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province).

The CSR program aims at conveying integrated organic farming concept know how to the local communities nearby ABS terminal, where the communities are still on struggle for their economic empowerment, post tsunami in 2004

The CSR program also includes the donation of several machineries for organic food preservation, composting and organic pesticide processing purposes.

With this CSR program, the economical wheels of the communities nearby our bitumen terminal could be actuated, through continuous guidance/supervision from experts, it is indeed a long term basis of a mutual relationship with the local communities, an effort which is in line with ABS vision being sustainable in Aceh.

The Lengguru expedition

In line with the business activities, the concern of surrounding situation is always of interest for ABS.

One of IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement) activities, known as the Lengguru expedition in West Papua province in 2010 (Biodiversity & Aquaculture) was one of ABS’s objectives to contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

The expedition itself had identified several biotopes diversity at a massive karst on a fresh water area, where at least 3 species of Papua’s rainbow fish (Melanotaenia Mairasi) were identified during the expedition.

The main objectives of the expedition were:

  • Inventory of zoology biodiversity, especially the rainbow fish and equivocal of other fishes as one of the economically important fish as well as a model of multi discipline studies of basic and applicative knowledge.
  • Interaction study between the karst evolution and the biodiversity evolution, both surface and underground.
  • Zoology fossil study and analysis record of pre historic civilization at Kaimana region, which believed as the bio-geographic intersection

2009 Sumatra’s Earthquake

On 30th December 2009, a powerful & disastrous earthquake of Magnitude 7.6 hit Indonesia’s Sumatra Barat Province where more than 1,000 people were killed.

Both ABS & SRC helped financing a two (2) months Handicap International mission in Padeng (Sumatra, Indonesia). The project focused on physical rehabilitation with two (2) main objectives:

  • To ensure the presence of a senior P&O on the field to take the measure for assistive devices and provided qualified care
  • To provide to the victims of the earthquake the adapted assistive devices and mobility aids