Asphalt Bangun Sarana

The Colas research network reflects the Group’s decentralized organization. The technical teams are spread over the five continents close to their clients and are in permanent contact with the Scientific and Technical Campus (CST) at Magny-les-Hameaux. Our new products are not only the result of laboratory studies and tests but also of a large number of vertical and transverse exchanges within the Group, between researchers, industrial plants and teams working at construction sites all over the world.

The innovations of the Colas Group are implemented on roads all over the world, and take account of specific local conditions as regards regulations, climate or traffic.

In addition to the Scientific and Technical Campus, the network includes more than 50 regional quality control laboratories in the company’s French and foreign subsidiaries. More than 1,900 researchers, engineers and technicians, including approximately 80 permanent staff at the CST are involved on a daily basis in designing, implementing and monitoring the Colas Group’s products and techniques.