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Modified Bitumen

What is modified bitumen?

They are bituminous binders whose properties have been modified by the use of a chemical agent. This agent modifies the chemical structure and/or physical and mechanical properties. Those binders can be analyzed with conventional tests for bitumen and additional specific tests

A Modified binder must:

  • Be physical and chemically stable during storage, application and in service (SHRP)
  • Be able to be processed with conventional equipment
  • Achieve coating or spraying at normal application temperature
  • Provide expected mechanical performances
  • Modifiers can be : elastomeric, plastomeric, fibers, chemical agents, antioxidants, natural asphalt, adhesion promoters …

Each modifier is carefully selected in order to achieve the required performances of the final product.

Polymer Modified Bitumen

Definitely the best regarding the performances, our Polymer Modified Bitumen represents an excellent alternative to the conventional bitumen and other modified binders by:

  • Providing Higher mechanical performances at high solicitations
  • Improving resistance to shear rate and cohesion
  • Improving resistance to the fatigue and to the permanent deformations
  • Improving resistance to cracks formation at low temperature

High performance Hot Mix Asphalt will provide a longer service life for your roads and reduce the frequency of maintenance and interventions

This kind of modified binder has been used with success in Asia for the construction of Highways and Airports. The polymer modified bitumen is also used in Mining for the Chip sealing of High traffic Hauling Roads. For more information about Polymer Modified Bitumen, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it